Marriage equality is about real people

"Marriage equality is actually about real people. It is about values we all hold dear like love, commitment, family, fairness and inclusion. The job of the “yes’ campaign will be to ensure voters never lose sight of the real people affected by marriage equality and the core values that underpin the reform." - Rodney ... More

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If you wish to help with the campaign in Tasmania, please email to get involved More

Rachel Taylor, Tasmanian-born Hollywood star

“I am so proud to be Tasmanian today, as our state moves towards becoming the first Australian state to recognize that all Australians are entitled to the right to marry. This befits the good natured, open minded, easy going folk that I know Tasmanians are.” More

Tasmanian students in drive to have their say on same-sex marriage vote

Students at a Tasmanian school are not going to let the snail mail voting method put them off having their say on same-sex marriage. Read the full article... More

Scotch secure the youth vote

Teenagers making sure they are enrolled to vote in postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage. Read the full article... More