Media Release: Advocates Call For Tasmanian Government To Enforce Gay-Hate Decision

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Tasmanian advocates have called on the Tasmanian Government to hold accountable a man who was found to have breached the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act but is refusing to respect the decision.

Last month James Durston was ordered to apologise after it was found he had breached the Anti-Discrimination Act by distributing a leaflet denouncing homosexuality called “Homosexual Stats”, but in a lengthy letter to the Anti-Discrimination Commission (attached), Mr Durston has refused to adhere to the ruling that he describes as a “gross perversion of justice”.

The man who took the case against the leaflet, senior Tasmanian public servant, Robert Williams, said

“It’s always troubling when people think they’re above the law. However, in such a serious matter as this, where the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal has said Mr Durston broke the law, it saddens me that he won’t accept the umpire’s ruling.”

“Actions such as Mr Durston publishing of this hateful flyer cause much damage in our community and are the very reason laws like the Anti-Discrimination Act exist.”

Tasmanian gay rights advocate, Rodney Croome, said,

“To maintain confidence in the Anti-Discrimination Act, and to ensure Tasmania is a safe and inclusive society, the Tasmanian Government must do everything it can to uphold the ruling against Mr Durston.”

Mr Durston was ordered to publish an apology or face a fine. He has refused to do either. His letter explaining why is attached. The original Tribunal decision is also attached.

For more information contact Robert Williams on 0411 671 755 or Rodney Croome on 0409 010 668.

Author: Robert Williams Rodney Croome
Publication: Tasmania United for Marriage Equality Press Release
Date: 8 July 2015

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