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Media Release: Advocates call on Tas Upper House to back marriage equality

Tasmanian marriage equality advocates have welcomed a move by independent state Upper House member, Tony Mulder, to secure in-principle support for the reform from his Upper House colleagues. Mr Mulder has tabled an Upper House motion to be debated in April that calls for same-sex couples to be able to marry. Tasmanian United for Marriage […]

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Media Release: Tasmania To Be First State To Offer Apology To Victims Of Former Anti-Gay Laws

Tasmanian gay rights advocates have welcomed a state government announcement that it will move legislation next year to allow criminal records for gay sex to be expunged, and have praised its decision to apologise to those who were prosecuted In 1997 Tasmanian became the final Australian state to decriminalise private, consenting, adult male sex, and […]

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Media Release: Police Pride Parade Contingent Welcomed – Bishop Urged To Listen To Catholics Who Support Marriage Equality

Gay rights advocate and outgoing Tasmanian of the Year, Rodney Croome, has welcomed the decision by Tasmania Police to march in uniform in tomorrow’s Tas Pride Parade, a first for the state. Mr Croome said, “I congratulate Commissioner Hine and Tasmanian Police for showing their support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.” […]

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Media Release: Advocates Call For Tasmanian Government To Enforce Gay-Hate Decision

Tasmanian advocates have called on the Tasmanian Government to hold accountable a man who was found to have breached the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act but is refusing to respect the decision. Last month James Durston was ordered to apologise after it was found he had breached the Anti-Discrimination Act by distributing a leaflet denouncing homosexuality called […]

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Media Release: Bias Watchdog Orders Tasmanian Anti-Gay Advocate to Publicly Apologise

Robert Williams has an apology coming to him, which he told the tribunal was also due to those who struggled with their sexuality. A senior Tasmanian public servant, Robert Williams, has won his case against an anti-gay flyer distributed in Hobart. The state Anti-Discrimination Tribunal has ruled that the author of a flyer titled “Homosexual […]


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